Why play board games as a single player?
Finding moments for yourself can be very rewarding in the hustle and bustle of modern life.
Enter solo board gaming — a therapeutic escape from daily stresses
or when you just want some time for yourself.

The best one player board games can transport you to a completely different world,
allowing a break from everyday worries. Or they can offer you the joy of the ultimate challenge!


(when we just don’t have the time to look at every single review!)

Gloomhaven Best solo board game

1. Gloomhaven
42 points

Spirit Island 2 best solo board game

2. Spirit Island
41 points

Terraforming Mars 3 best board game solo

3. Terraforming Mars
34 points

Robinson_Crusoe 4 best board game solo

4. Robinson Crusoe
31 points

BEST SOLO BOARD GAME – How they were scored

Points were awarded for the games ranking on the best board game review sites.
For example, if 10 games were listed,
10 points were given to the top game and 1 point for the 10th best game.

Websites used – credit and links below.
Boardgamegeek, TabletopGaming, IGN, TheSoloGamer, MeepleShelter, Boardgameswizard


RankingBest Solo Board GameTotal Points
2Spirit Island41
3Terraforming Mars34
4Robinson Crusoe: Adventures on the Cursed Island31
5Mage Knight25
6Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective19
8Glass Road18
9The 7th Continent18
11Teotihuacan: City of Gods16
12Marvel Champions16
13Arkham Horror: The Card Game15
14Race for the Galaxy (with The Gathering Storm expansion)15
16A Feast for Odin13
17Lord of the Rings: The Card Game13
18Under Falling Skies12
19Dune: Imperium12
20Viticulture Essential Edition10

Best Board Game for Solo / One Player

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Gloomhaven Best solo board game


Gloomhaven is an award-winning strategy board game
with currently over 6,600 ratings on Amazon : 90% 5 star ratings averaging 4.8 out of 5.

Described as a game of Euro-inspired tactical combat in a persistent world of shifting motives.
You are a wandering adventurer with special skills and your own reason for traveling to this dark corner of the world!

Both solo & group play is highly recommended.
I like the fact that players must work together using their special cards to fight through dungeons and forgotten ruins.
Each decision taken expands the ever changing story with new locations.

With similarities to Dungeons & Dragons, there is a steep learning curve at the beginning, and rules heavy, so watching some tutorials like those below is recommended.

It has now been launched as a tactical RPG PS4 & PS5 game. The sequel Frosthaven has now been released as a stand alone campaign in the Gloomhaven world with 16 new characters.

1-4 players, 60-120 mins playing time

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